Key Technology Enabler for the Connected World of Tomorrow


Aztech Global Ltd. (“Aztech”) is a key technology enabler for the connected world of tomorrow, with a focus on providing one-stop design and manufacturing services.

Supported by our core strengths in R&D, design, engineering and manufacturing, Aztech’s key products are IoT Devices, Data-communication products and LED lighting products.

Leveraging on our expertise, we also provide one-stop design and manufacturing services to blue chip customers, technology start-ups and other companies with innovative products.


IoT Devices and Data-communication products

Provides Original Equipment Manufacturer ("OEM"), Original Design Manufacturer (“ODM”), Joint Development Manufacturing (“JDM”) or Contract Manufacturing Services (“CMS”) services to brand owners sold under the label of the respective customers. Distributes wide range of IoT devices and Data-communication products sold under our proprietary “Aztech” and “Kyla” brands through channel partners and e-commerce platforms.

LED Lighting Products

Manufactures a wide range of LED lighting products used in residential, commercial and industrial applications, and specializes in design and development of Smart Lighting Systems.

Other Electrical Products

Manufactures and sells electrical products namely kitchen appliances and other home and living products, with more than 11 product lines and more than 35 models of electrical products.