Aztech Conducts Junior Baking Demonstration for Children at Children Wishing Well

Singapore, November 2022

Thriving from the success of the previous wish-granting event with Children Wishing Well (CWW), many children have wished for kitchen appliances to surprise their parents! Their wishes stem from a simple goal: to make food preparation a breeze for their parents at home.

Aligning with CWW’s philosophy to empower each child by providing them with holistic education and skills for the future, Aztech conducted a junior baking class for 2 simple yet delicious recipes - Banana Bread and Gula Melaka Kaya. Yums!

Of course, the baking class goes beyond just baking. The main intention was to educate the children about baking fundamentals and science! Through highlighting the basic function of each baking ingredient (i.e. flour, yeast, butter, egg, etc) and how they come together to co-create the final baked product, the children can obtain a rudimentary understanding about chemical reactions occuring during the baking process. The children can ultimately learn to answer questions such as “Which ingredients can help to tenderise and give flavour to the cake?” and “Why are pandan leaves needed for making Kaya?”.

Check out the full learning concepts from Aztech’s Junior Baking Class!

The bigger picture is that life skills taught at an early age are far more beneficial for children as they continue learning into their middle school and high school years. Eventually as adults, they can apply what was learned towards life skills such as baking, problem solving, decision making, or more.

Children Wishing Well is the only charity organisation in Singapore focused on the holistic education of children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds (low-income families, or parents who are ill, incarcerated, absent). CWW provides a broad range of services and programmes (100% free-of-charge) to support their educational and daily living needs, as well as equip and empower them with skills for their future to escape the poverty trap. Find out more about how you can make a difference with CWW here.