Celebrating Mother's Day With Daughters Of Tomorrow

Singapore, May 2022

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day? Was it through a hearty home cooked meal, massage, or a bouquet of flowers?

Aztech feels that all mothers deserve a well-earned break! To celebrate the selfless love and hardwork of mothers, Aztech has partnered with Daughters Of Tomorrow to give  mothers a memorable treat on Mother’s Day! We were also especially honoured to have the Minister of State for Social and Family Development, Ms Sun Xue Ling, gracing the event and interacting with the community.

With “wellness and well-being” being the event’s theme, mummies were treated to manicures, massages, styling advice, yoga classes and even received essential household appliances like electric kettles. There was also a child minding service offered for mummies to enjoy and relax throughout the event.

Aztech is glad to have found Daughters Of Tomorrow, together with whom Aztech was able to help 53 single mothers and 72 children from underprivileged families access basic necessities at home like hot water for their day-to-day meals.

Daughters Of Tomorrow is focused on supporting 25,000 women from underprivileged families in Singapore towards gainful employment and livelihood opportunities so as to achieve financial independence and social mobility for their families. Find out more about Daughters Of Tomorrow here.

Last but not least, Aztech would like to take this opportunity to wish all mothers a very special and eventful Mother’s Day.