Make a Difference With Blood Donation: Aztech Employees in HK Rise to the Occasion

Singapore, July 2022

For the 5th consecutive year, Aztech’s warm-hearted colleagues in Hong Kong have responded to the Red Cross’s call for blood donation.

In view of Hong Kong’s fifth wave of covid-19 epidemic, blood gathered from donation drives has been on the declining trend. Seeking to inspire more people to follow suit, our HK colleagues were proudly holding up placards to spread the message “Together with the medical and nursing staff, let’s donate blood to save lives” (“舆医护同行,一膂捐血救人”)

Every blood donation counts and acts as a lifeline for patients with medical conditions like leukemia, thalassaemia, bleeding disorders, or having to undergo major surgeries. According to the Red Cross, 1 blood donation can save as many as 3 lives!

Let us do our part for the community by participating in the next community blood donation drive near you. Find out here!