Aztech Distributes 100 Electric Kettles Under Food Gift Programme 2022

Singapore, May 2022

“Delighting People with Smarter Solutions” has been at the forefront of Aztech’s operations since inception. It isn’t just a slogan, it’s what Aztech embodies and envisions. This means caring for equality and impacting the lives of underprivileged families in the community as part of Aztech’s sustainability goal.

Aztech partnered with Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre Jurong (LHMSCJ) in May 2022 in donating and distributing 100 electric kettles to families under their Food Gift Programme. LHMSCJ’s Food Gift Programme was initially designed to distribute food gift packs to assist families each month, and has since expanded to include Assist Pro Programme to support families with toddlers and elderlies.

The contents of the food gift packs, specifically tailored to the needs of each family, ranged from dry rations, staple food, essential household appliances, formula milk powder, baby diapers, to adult diapers. Complementary to the food gift packs, Aztech seeks to warm families with our donation of electric kettles to enable access to hot water for easier meal preparations.

The need for this assistance has increased over the years, especially from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let us show our love and support for Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre Jurong’s programs - it is with generous and loving hearts that we can build an inclusive community.