Doing more and better with less

Adopt environmentally friendly best practices on sustainable consumption and production towards low carbon and green economies. We seek to:
- Reduce energy consumption, pollution and emission
- Achieve sustainable use of resources through resources efficiency
- Establish sustainable waste management
- Promote sustainable lifestyles


Growing together

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth through full and productive employment and decent work for all to improve livelihood, employment opportunities and economic security for all. We seek to:
- Uphold diversity and equal opportunity in our recruitment, retention, training and development policies and practices
- Adopt workplace safety & well-being


Caring for equality

Reduce income, sex, age, race, disability, class, religion, ethnicity and opportunity inequalities within and among countries in our care for the community contributing to social cohesion, overall population well-being and sustainable economies. We seek to:
- Provide subsidies and raise fund for charitable causes
- Support local businesses that further our cause

Impacting lives with smarter solutions for long-term sustainability

Aztech Global seeks to impact lives with smarter solutions by empowering and unlocking potentials to co-create long-term sustainable ecosystem. We have identified and integrated 3 core sustainability pillars - Environmental, Economic and Social into our Corporate Social Responsibility programme as a conscientious corporate citizen in the communities we operate in.

Latest News

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2023 CSR Activties

Archive - 2021


Singapore, November 2022

Aztech Conducts Junior Baking Demonstration for Children at Children Wishing Well


Singapore, August 2022

Aztech fulfils 80 awe-inspiring wishes from children at Children Wishing Well


Singapore, July 2022

Make a Difference With Blood Donation: Aztech Employees in HK Rise to the Occasion


Singapore, May 2022

Celebrating Mother's Day with Daughters Of Tomorrow


Singapore, May 2022

Aztech distributes 100 electric kettles under Food Gift Programme 2022


Singapore, January 2022

Shaping hearts and enriching lives through Project Refresh 2022